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Filter focus

Filter Focus SA (Pty) Ltd was established to develop the concept of
combination filtration. As such we have solidified our position as market
leaders in hydrocarbon ISO cleanliness for “in or out of operation” lubricants.
Filter Focus strives to eliminate contamination related wear and failures in
heavy industrial equipment. It is a fact that there is no such thing as diesel,
oil or grease which is clean enough. The cleaner the diesel, oil or grease, the
longer your equipment will last !

Filter Focus designs and manufactures specialist Vacuum Dehydration plants
and high efficiency, high capacity, off-line filtration systems. We easily remove
large volumes of contamination, quickly efficiently and cost effectively.
Also on offer is an automated greasing system, Easylube® RFID, developed
by Integrated Fluid Technologies (Pty) Ltd in association with Filter Focus SA
(Pty) Ltd. With Easylube® RFID, the exact greasing quantity and re-greasing
intervals for each bearing can be easily calculated and managed by Easylube®
MQL software. In addition, the Easylube® RFID system track, monitor and
alarm user on lubrication-related issues during routine inspection thus
enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance practice.

Easylube® RFID is user friendly, very economical and can easily be installed at
any location, especially where equipments are located in isolated, scattered,
dangerous and negligible area. It helps lubrication technicians to eliminate
potential human errors and improve employee safety.