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Megaroller SUPPLIER

MEGAROLLER is a unique new product used in the mining industry and bulk materials handling projects which will ensure the cost effectiveness of bulk materials handling. The main business practice of meagaroller is the upgrading of conveyor idler systems and supplying the best quality roller and all the neccessary accessories to ensure complience. MEGAROLLER is eco-friendly since it can be recycled and lessens noise pollution.

MEGAROLLER retails at competetive prices. MEGAROLLER out performs competitors due to its unique construction and design and saves on repair and maintenance costs of the conveyor belt due to the concentric design which decreases vibration. MEGAROLLER is non-corrosive since the entire roller is made of HDPE. MEGAROLLER is highly resistant to wear by abrasion.

  • MEGAROLLER is highly resistant to wear by abrasion.
  • Excellent resistance to ultra-voilet rays.
  • Fire retardent - very important factor in underground mining.
  • Very low friction coefficiency.
  • Lesser mass of plastic rollers means saving money on start-up costs on
    conveyor drives.
  • Due to its construction the rollers have a reduced noise level.
  • Will absorb higher impact force from conveyed material due to usage of
    high quality plastic components.
  • Longer bearing life due to usage of special anti-seize type of bearing and
    unique bearing housing incorporating a shock resistant bearing cover and
    the most effective sealing arrangement available on the market. Antistatic rollers on request.

Megaroller for mining and heavy industry