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As a primary requirement, industry and mining require lighting to facilitate their processes. The quality of the light and the strength of the bulbs, housings, and fixtures is of primary concern.

Why LED Lighting

A Light Emitting Diode, a semi-conductor that converts electricity into light. It is energy efficient which allows for savings of both money, electricity and fuel consumption for the sake of lighting.

Extreme environments require rugged lighting designed for extremes of and exposure to various elements, such as dust and gasses which oprations of industry and mining

Housings which are rugged and able to withstand the shockwave of explosions and the consequences of blasting in mines are required to light up the site and shafts before, during and after the explosion.

Vehicle and equipment used in these situations are by their very nature, sturdy and built to withstand shocks and vibrations caused by the powerful machinery housed within them.

Standard lighting would not be able to weather the constant rumbling and vibration of the powerful machinery at work around it, while properly housed LED lighting can withstand these shocks.


Properties and advantages of LED lighting

  • Cold light - Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs do not generate heat when oprating. This allows for cooler environments and also assists in further cost savings on cooling an area.
  • Quick response - When activated LED lights are instant, unlike incandescent or High Intensity lights which actually warm up and can take a second or to two reach optimum operating capacity.
  • Lifespan - LED lights have an extended lifespan in comparison with other forms of lighting. LED lights dim over time allowing for repairs and replacements to be arranged rather than failure without warning.
  • Shock resistant - As previously mentioned vibrations and shockwaves are damaging to conventional lighting, LED components are more resistant and do not fail with these types of impact.
  • LED lighting can be directed, or pocused at a given task


Uses of LED Lighting in industry and mining

  • Site illumination - External grounds, underground
  • Equipment lighting
  • Mobile equipment warning beacons

There are a variety of LED lighting options that are suitable for indoor, outdoor and task specific solutions. Our chief supplier of LED components is HELLA

These are some examples of the types of lighting available from Leeder Lighting

LED Bulbs in different colours

LED Bulb - BA15D

Epistar LED Bulb

LED Buld - Epistar

Future Light - LED Buld

LED Bulb - Future Light

LED Bulb Filament

LED Bulb - Filament

Pygny Bulb - LED

LED Bulb - Pygmy

LED Bulb - R50

LED Bulb - candle

LED Bulb - Candle

LED Corn light

LED - "Corn" Light

Resistor for LED lighting